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Audition Requirements
The following outlines what you will need to have prepared prior to your auditions and what you will be asked to perform at the audition. Any questions can be directed to Rob Schroeder at

Have Prepared for the Audition:
  • Memorize and perform a monologue roughly one minute in length. Students may select a monologue of their choosing or use one of the provided monologues attached below.
  • Remember: Students are only required to perform only ONE monologue. A variety of styles have been provided ranging from comedic to dramatic. Students should select the monologues they feel most comfortable performing, something they can emotionally connect with, and demonstrates their individual talent.
Please Note: On the monologue, auditioning students will be evaluated on the following categories: memorization, focus, concentration, commitment, believability, interpretation of material, and vocal and physical expression. MONOLOGUES MUST BE MEMORIZED!
In Addition to the Prepared Monologue, You will Perform at the Audition:
  • A Cold Reading - Cold Reading consists of a scene the student will be provided during the audition. Students will be provided only a couple of minutes to read the scene before they perform it.
  • An Improvisation - Improvisation consists of performing scenes without a script. Students will be provided a scenario for a scene and will then improvise the scene with a partner.