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Senn Arts Visual Arts

Audition Requirements
The following outlines what you will need to have prepared prior to your audition and what will be asked of you at the audition. Any questions can be directed to Jesse Wyss at, Senn Arts Lead Visual Arts Teacher.

  • A candidates portfolio should include 4-10 examples of your best original artwork.
  • At least 2 of the artworks must be created outside of school and not related to a school assignment (think videos, zines, sewing, recording, sculpture, etc.)
  • For 3D artworks, images are acceptable.
Please Note: Your portfolio may include multiple media, including, but not limited to: sketchbook work, drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media, design, photography, ceramics, digital artwork, performance, sound and video.

Piece of Original Artwork Created in Response to the Following Prompt:
"Multiple Viewpoints"
  • This artwork can be created in any media. It is purposefully left open ended, please create an artwork that you feel addresses the idea of multiple viewpoints.  

You MUST have BOTH a portfolio and the Multiple Viewpoints artwork to be prepared for your audition.

Recommendation Form
  • This recommendation should be from your art teacher (or classroom teacher if you do not have art at your school) using the form attached at the bottom of the audition page. Bring the completed recommendation form to your audition. Please do not mail it to Senn prior to your audition.