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Senn Arts Dance

Audition Requirements
​The following outlines what you will need to have prepared prior to your audition and what you will be asked to perform at your audition. Any questions can be directed to Amy Jesionowski, Senn Arts Lead Dance Teacher, via email at

Prior to the Audition:

  • Students must download, print, and fill out the questionnaire completely and submit it upon arrival on your audition date.

Audition Procedure:

  • Students will participate in a ballet/modern warm-up and technique class where they will begin to be adjudicated.
  • Students will learn a short dance combination and be asked to perform it in small groups.
  • Students will be asked to improvise at the end of the combination and/or given time to choreograph a short movement phrase of their choice. Students may be asked to perform the combination multiple times.
  • Students may show a one minute solo in the genre of their choice if they want to showcase another dance skill. Points will not be deducted if they choose not to perform a solo.

Attire and Preparation:

  • Hair tied back securely off the face
  • Black leotard and/or fitted tank top or t-shirt
  • Pink, black, or nude tights OR black leggings, fitted shorts or gym shorts ok
  • Ballet, jazz shoes, or bare feet
  • Wrap skirt and point shoes optional for ballet
  • A water bottle
  • No jewelry or watches  
  • Be prepared to perform barre work and turns

Please Note: Arrive at least 15 minutes earlier than your audition time. Allow time to change and put on shoes as needed, as well as begin to stretch.

Dance Audition FAQ's

Do I need to have prior dance training to audition?
No. All ability levels are welcome and encouraged to audition.

What if I have experience in other dance styles besides ballet or modern?
Students will be able to showcase their style in the improvisation and/or choreography portion of the audition. They will also be able to indicate prior dance experience on their application and address it in the interview. Cultural dance is celebrated in the Senn Arts program.

How can I prepare for my audition?
Wear the proper attire, arrive at least 15 minutes early and be ready to improvise (make up movement on the spot) or choreograph a short movement phrase. Keep an open mind and try your best during the class and small group audition. Bring a water bottle.