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Emergency Codes & Procedures

Our Emergency Management Team is in place to respond to disasters and/or crisis situations. Our school-wide emergency plan contains critical information such as staff roles during emergencies, personal cell phone numbers, our bomb threat protocol, maps, and specific evacuation plans for each of our severe and profound students; it is updated annually and housed in a Chicago Police Department database, our Leadership Team’s electronic files (available 24/7) and with the CPS Office of Safety and Security. Preparedness information, evacuation plans with maps, and emergency locations-interior and exterior-are shared with everyone in the building electronically and posted in classrooms, offices, exits, etc. 

The following drills take place annually:
  • Shelter-in-Place/Tornado
  • Lockdown/Law Enforcement
  • Allergen
  • Bus Evacuation
  • We also conduct three Fire/Evacuation drills a year
Please see the attached document on Evacuation, Lockdown, Shelter-in-Place and All Clear. You can see all procedures on the link titled "ELSA" below.