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Electronic Device Policy

To be proactive with today’s technology trends, Senn High School institutes a policy designed to increase awareness while implementing social and professional etiquette related to electronic devices.

Students are permitted to use their cell phones in the cafeteria before school and during their lunch periods. The lunch room is considered a Green Zone. Hallways, classrooms and any other spaces are considered Red Zones. Therefore, unless explicitly permitted by teachers by indicating their classroom a Green Zone, students are not allowed to use their phone inside of the classroom.

Headphones should not be used inside the classroom or in the hallways. Students can use their headphones in the cafeteria during lunch periods.

If a student is seen using a phone or wearing headphones in class without permission;

  • 1st Offense -- A verbal warning will occur and student will be required to put away the phone.
  • 2nd Offense --Phone will be confiscated by the teacher and returned at the end of the class period.  
  • 3rd Offense -- Phone will be confiscated and placed in the Culture Office until the end of the school day. The parent/guardian will be contacted by the teacher.
  • 4th Offense -- Phone will be confiscated and held until a parent is able to meet with the Dean of Students to discuss the issue. The student will also be issued a detention for the repeated violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

Portable speakers are not allowed in the school. Students who enter the building with a portable speaker will have speaker confiscated.  

  • 1st Offense -- The confiscated speaker will be returned to the student at the end of the school day.
  • 2nd Offense -- Will result in the students’ speaker being confiscated and returned to the students’ parent in addition to the student being issued a detention for repeated violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

This policy is designed to protect the educational program of all students but not to limit the home/school communications. In most cases, a student may be given permission to use an administrative office telephone to contact a parent/guardian, and in the case of an emergency, a student may be called out of class to receive a telephone call from parents/guardians.

Senn students should never use a cell phone or electronic device in ways not aligned to the CPS Student Code of Conduct Acceptable Use Policy, and/or Bullying Policies.

Senn High School is not responsible for the theft, loss, data loss, damage, destruction, misuse or vandalism of any students’ personal electronic device brought onto Senn High School property.