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Senn Math Department Mission and Vision


The Senn Math Department will provide students access to a high-quality four-year curriculum where they will experience the joy and wonder of mathematics in a mission to ensure equitable learning outcomes, requisitely equipping them with the mathematical reasoning, procedural understanding, and problem solving skills to empower them to be active members in a democratic society.


The Senn Math Department will achieve this vision by:

  1. Integrating historical Senn curriculum with researched curricula to create a cohesive, student-centered, integrated math curriculum which focuses on deepening connections between various math concepts and developing students' problem solving, reasoning, collaboration, and communication skills.
  2. Offering an integrated curriculum in a common pathway for all students that offers choice at the junior/senior level based on their career/college aspirations. This will include the development of relevant courses that will prepare students for their future career/college goals.
  3. Developing and supporting each student’s mathematical identity.
  4. Utilizing grading practices focused on knowledge, understanding, and feedback to support students’ growth.
  5. Minimizing any tracking of students that results in different learning opportunities/outcomes for different groups of students at the 9th/10th grade level.


As math teachers….

  1. We will exemplify the kind of caring, respectful adults we want our students to become.
  2. We will productively “be less helpful,” challenging students to think critically and to understand the meaning and applicability of mathematical ideas. 
  3. We will know ourselves, know our students, and use this knowledge to create classroom environments that value individual growth and student ownership of learning.
  4. We will develop student fluency and accuracy in core mathematical skills.
  5. We will design mathematics lessons that provide access to all students.
  6. We will design engaging instruction that provides context for mathematical inquiry and connects to student interests and identity.
  7. We will explicitly teach and consciously foster a variety of communication skills.
  8. We will teach students essential financial and practical mathematics.