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Academic Integrity

The integrity of Senn High School depends upon strict adherence to ethical behavior and academic honesty by its students. Unethical behavior and academic dishonesty include:

  • plagiarism - the representation of the ideas or work of another as one's own
  • collusion - the allowing of one's work to be copied or submitted by another

Any student accused of academic dishonesty will have access to due process under the Uniform Discipline Code. In addition, one of the following may be recommended depending on the severity of the act:

  • a reduced grade for the assignment
  • no credit for the assignment
  • a reduced grade for the entire course
  • a failing grade for the entire course

At all times during research and writing, guard against plagiarism and collusion by documenting everything you borrow and by keeping careful notes that distinguish between your own thoughts and the material gathered from others. Forms of plagiarism include the failure to give appropriate acknowledgement when:

  • repeating another's words
  • paraphrasing another's argument
  • presenting another's thoughts

Cite your sources when directly quoting another or using another's ideas, theories, data, figures, graphs, or electronic information. In-text citations and Work Cited or Bibliography pages may be prepared using Writers Inc.