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Senn Arts is a Fine and Performing Arts Magnet Program where creative Chicago students pursue artistic and academic excellence. Senn Arts provides students with an environment that fosters academic, social, and personal growth to cultivate artistic members of the global community.

Senn Arts’ Studio School model is an arts education approach that emphasizes exploration, interaction, and creation. Our coursework provides the technical foundation necessary for students to clarify their ideas, and promotes open exchange and critical analysis in the classroom. Through immersion in the creative process and production of art, students will explore their sense of self and deepen their unique artistic identity.

Our goal is for all students to leave our program as artistically minded lifelong learners​​​​​​​ who are highly creative and deeply analytical. Senn Arts instructors are active artists and certified educators, who bring a working knowledge of their field into the classroom.

Krista Wortendyke
Senn Arts Arts Coordinator
(773) 534-2407