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The Senn Arts Music program provides students with rigorous musical training through a variety of intertwining mediums, all centered in creative decision-making. Students can either pursue artistic mastery by participating in our Vocal or Instrumental Large Ensemble Pathway, or through our Electroacoustic Performance Pathway.



NEW in 2022! Students in the Electroacoustic Performance Pathway will participate in student-designed ensembles that model contemporary music-making strategies. The Electroacoustic Performance Pathway provides a space for students to envision and express new musical ideas, often through collaboration with peers to realize new works of art. Students will develop their craft in both performance technique and advanced use of music production tools, including Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs), as they clarify their artistic intent. Artists of all instruments and voice types are encouraged to apply!



Each Senn Arts student will embark on a four-year-long journey that culminates in their Senior Project, a capstone course in which students prepare to demonstrate their musical knowledge through the Senior Showcase - a collaborative, student-designed performance in the spring. The course and subsequent performance serve as evidence of students’ readiness for entrance into college, the music industry, and life as an artist.


Students are expected to pursue their musical interests through concrete application of their developing skills through mediums such as performance, composition, analysis, research, dialogue, and music production. Furthermore, students’ musical experiences at Senn will prepare them for college auditions, both for entrance into a music studio and for the purpose of earning scholarships. Ultimately, students’ musical passion will grow in tandem with attributes sought by employers, such as the ability to function as part of a team, the discipline and determination to see a process through from beginning to end, and the ability to express one’s self creatively.

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Curriculum Overview

First Year Music
Foundations / Introduction to Musicianship 
During year one of the Senn Arts Music curriculum, students explore the fundamentals of musicianship, and they apply these fundamentals in the context of performing ensembles. Students refine literacy skills, ear training skills, and their ability to establish an artistic vision. Each first-year student brings a unique musical perspective to the program, and the blending of these perspectives establishes the identity of our collective artistic work.

Music Experience I
Advanced Band I, Electroacoustic Performance I, or Advanced Vocal Ensemble I 

Sophomore Music
Artistic Language  
During year two of the Senn Arts Music curriculum, students continue to explore the fundamentals of musicianship, apply fundamentals in the context of performing ensembles, and study music literacy and ear training. Through their continued coursework, students develop a more comprehensive understanding of the processes and techniques that allow music to function as an artistic language.

Music Theory II
Advanced Band II, Electroacoustic Performance II, or Advanced Vocal Ensemble II 

Junior Music
Artistic Voice  
During year three of the Senn Arts Music curriculum, students continue their study of music theory and ear training. This course culminates in a series of composition projects in which the students will have the opportunity to compose and record their original compositions or arrangements as part of building their college/career portfolios.

AP Music Theory
Advanced Band III, Electroacoustic Performance III, or Advanced Vocal Ensemble III  

Senior Music
Artistic Identity 
During year four of the Senn Arts Music curriculum, students become specialized within specific areas of interest, genre, or instrumentation while continuing to perform and fulfill leadership roles in the capstone ensembles of Senn High School. The primary focus of year four is to prepare student for life as an artist beyond Senn High School. As such, students will recognize and articulate the traits/skills that help them stand out in post-secondary contexts. 

Senior Music Project
Advanced Band IV, Electroacoustic Performance IV, or Advanced Vocal Ensemble IV