Class of 2026 - Frequently Asked Questions


Senn High School

Class of 2026

Frequently Asked Questions



  • When is the first day of school?

The first day of school is currently scheduled for Monday, August 22. Class schedules and ID/Ventra cards will be distributed in the cafeteria starting at 7:30 a.m.  Students should be in the building by no later than 7:45 a.m. so they can get to 1st period by 8:00 a.m. CLICK HERE to access the school floor plan.


  • What are the school entry procedures?

Students enter Senn High School at Door #4 in the center of the large courtyard off Glenwood Ave. The door opens at 7:30 a.m. each morning. Once inside students will go through the metal detector and scan their ID to be checked into the building. Student IDs are required to enter Senn High School.  Students who forget their ID can purchase a temporary ID for $2.00 in the attendance office located next to the metal detectors. All belongings including keys and phones should be put in your backpack before entering the metal detector. Parents should also use Door #4 when visiting Senn High School.  All parents will be asked to show a government issued photo ID before gaining access to the building.


  • When will I receive my schedule and ID/Ventra?

Student schedules and ID/Ventra cards will be distributed in advisory on the first day of school. Students with an active Student Portal account can login to view their schedule sometime in mid-August.  ID cards at Senn High School include the school ID (picture, schedule, etc.) and a Ventra card. Students can add money using the kiosk at the station or create an online account that can be linked to a credit card.  Reduced fare is $0.85 for the first ride and $0.15 for a transfer. Please note that if a student loses their ID/Ventra card they will be required to buy a new card for $6.00. Cards can be ordered in the attendance office and will arrive 2 business days after they are ordered.  All Ventra money will transfer over when the new card is ordered but parents will be responsible for Ventra fare until the card arrives.


  • When do I get my chromebook/textbooks?

Chromebooks will be distributed during orientation and during the first week of school.


  • What does a day look like at Senn High School?

The bell schedule can be found on the Senn website under Student Life. Students will attend school from 8:00 a.m to 3:16 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Wednesdays are advisory days and students attend from 8:00a.m. to 3:12 p.m.  On Friday students will be released at 2:22 p.m. so teachers can participate in professional development. Students are expected to be in their 1st period class at 8:00 a.m. It is recommended that students arrive no later than 7:30 a.m. so they can go to their locker and walk to their 1st period class.  Breakfast is free for all students and will be served from 7:20 a.m. to 7:50 a.m.


  • What is the Senn Dress Code?

Senn High School is a community of interesting and creative individuals spanning across all programs. As a collective of curious and invested students who have worked hard to make the school what it is today, we believe that we should be able to freely and respectively express ourselves through our clothing. Students are responsible for understanding the Senn High School dress code guidelines. Clothes that create an unsafe or disruptive environment are not appropriate and not acceptable in school. Specifics of the dress code policy can be found here

  • Where will my locker be located?

Students will receive their locker assignment in late August from Ms. Boatman. All students will be given a Senn lock when they receive their Chromebook. 


NOTE: All students are required to purchase locks from Senn High School.


Students in PE will need a second lock for the gym locker room which can be purchased for $6.00 in the main office starting in January 2022.  It is very important that students ALWAYS lock their locker.  Senn High School is not responsible for stolen items if you do not lock your locker


  • When are breakfast and lunch served?

All CPS students receive free breakfast and lunch. Breakfast is served from 7:20 a.m. to 7:50 a.m. in the cafeteria.  Students will be assigned a lunch period - 4th, 5th, 6th, or 7th period. Students will be expected to show their ID when they enter the lunchroom.  Students can stay in the lunchroom the whole period, get a pass to the library, quiet lunch space, vestibule, or another student space.


  • What fall sports can I join?

All students are required to pay the $60.00 sports fee and have a sports physical on file before they can participate in sports.  Please note that a sports physical is different than a school physical so please make sure you ask your doctor to complete the correct form. Click here for an overview of the the falls sports.



Coach Jason Yolich - [email protected]


Girls Volleyball

Coach Brian Benson - [email protected]


Boys’ Soccer

Coach Steven Brewer - [email protected]

Visit the boys’ soccer page for the tryout form and more details.


Co-Ed Cross Country

Coach Michael Meadows - [email protected]

Coach Chris Wolf - [email protected]



Coach Pearl Turner - [email protected]


Girl’s Swimming

Coach Kyle Anderson - [email protected]


Girl's Tennis
Coach John Kaestner - [email protected]


Girl's Flag Football

Coach Susan Kenny - [email protected]


  • Who is my counselor and where can I find them?

Your counselor is determined by the first letter of your last name. Students are allowed to meet with their counselor during lunch periods only.  We suggest sending an email to set up an appointment.


Mr. Oscar Urbina Last names A to Col

[email protected]


Ms. Kathy Farrell Last names Com to Hi

[email protected]


Ms. Wendy Castro Last names Ho to Mor

[email protected]


Mr. Daniel Connor Last Names Mos to Sag

[email protected]


Mr. Alexander Roi Last Names Sal to Z

[email protected]


  • What is Student Portal/Parent Portal and how do I use it?

Student Portal/Parent Portal is a unique web-based tool that allows student and parents to securely view real time grades and attendance online.  New students will receive their username and password the first week of school. Students already enrolled in CPS can use their login credentials from elementary school. Parents can request a pin number at the beginning of the school year to set up their accounts.  We suggest that parents and students meet on weekly basis to discuss grades and attendance. Students should be checking Student Portal on a daily basis to check their progress and ensure that attendance is entered correctly. Both parents and students can set up a text message or email alert to track changes in grades and/or attendance.  


  • What should I do if I am sick or have an appointment?

If you are sick or unable to attend school you should call the attendance office at (773)534-2365 to report your absence.  Students are also required to submit a note or official form from a doctor's office detailing the reason for the absence the day they return from their absence.  The absence slip will only be accepted if it lists the date of the absence, reason for the absence, and a signature of a parent/guardian or doctor. If an absence note is not turned in the absence will be listed as unexcused (UNEX) in Student Portal.