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Senn Arts Dance Auditions

Senn Arts Dance Auditions

Senn Arts Dance welcomes dancers of all styles to share their passion for dance with the Senn Arts Dance faculty. Our hope for the audition process is to better understand who you are and find out where you are along your journey as a dancer. We are grateful to work with students of all levels who are passionate, diligent, and open-minded. 


The following outlines what you will need to have prepared for your Senn Arts Dance Audition. Any questions can be directed to Amy Jesionowski, Senn Arts Dance Teacher, via email at

Schedule Your Senn Arts Dance Audition:

In order to be eligible to audition for Senn Arts Dance, you must first apply on GoCPS

Already applied? Great. You will receive an email from Senn with instructions for completing your audition.

Senn Arts Dance Audition Requirements:

The Senn Arts Dance audition will be a pre-recorded video submission. 

Once you sign up for an audition, you will receive an email with specific audition instructions and additional information on how and where to submit your audition materials. 


You will be asked upload and submit 3 videos:


  • Video #1: Students will learn a short dance combination in an online tutorial and be asked to video record it.

  • Video #2: Students will be asked to create a 30-45 second solo of movement in their preferred genre of dance and video record it.

  • Video #3: Students will be asked to record a video introduction answering the following four prompts -


  1. Say your name and where you attend elementary school.

  2. Talk about any prior and/or current dance training received. Please include style of dance, how many years you have received this instruction and the setting (dance studio, elementary school program, arts partnerships, etc).

  3. Describe any dance performances you have participated in.

  4. Tell us why you want to enroll in a dance program and tell how you see yourself using dance or skills you learn in dance classes in the future.


 Attire and Preparation:


  • Form fitted clothing
  • Hair tied back securely off the face

Please Note:

All video submissions received will be destroyed after audition scores are submitted.

Need more help? Here is a STEP BY STEP GUIDE to applying to Senn Arts


Senn Arts Dance Audition FAQs


Do I need to have prior dance training to audition?

No. All ability levels are welcome and encouraged to audition.


What if I have experience in other dance styles besides ballet or modern?

Students will be able to showcase their style in the improvisation and/or choreography portion of the audition. They will also be able to indicate prior dance experience on their application and address it in the interview. Cultural dance is celebrated in the Senn Arts program.