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Senn Arts Music Auditions

Senn Arts Music Auditions

Senn Arts Music welcomes musicians of all styles to share their passion for music with the Senn Arts Music faculty. Our hope for the audition process is to better understand who you are and find out where you are along your musical journey. We are grateful to work with students of all levels who are passionate, diligent, and open-minded.

The following outlines what you will need to have prepared for your Senn Arts Music Audition. Any questions about vocal auditions can be directed to Trevor Nicholas, Senn Arts Vocal teacher, via email at Any questions about instrumental auditions can be directed to Colin Cosgrove, Senn Arts Instrumental teacher, via email at  

Schedule Your Senn Arts Music Audition:

In order to be eligible to audition for Senn Arts Music, you must first apply on GoCPS

Already applied? You will receive an email from Senn with instructions for how to schedule and prepare for your audition.


Senn Arts Music Audition Requirements:

The Senn Arts Music audition will be a live Google Meet session.  

Students will be asked to prepare the following:

Prepared Piece:
Senn Arts Music embraces and values all music styles, so you should prepare a piece or song that you are comfortable with and that displays your strengths as an instrumentalist or vocalist. Rather than choosing a piece or a style of music you think the audition team wants to hear, select a piece that puts your best foot forward and highlights what you feel most honestly represents yourself as a musician. Ultimately, the audition is a discovery process, and we want to find out what you do well. It is recommended that you seek guidance wherever possible with your current music teacher in regards to selecting the music for your audition. Students share why they selected that piece of music and their creative process.

Vocalists - Examples of appropriate audition music include:

  • An excerpt or short piece of music written specifically for your voice part, such as an art song, folk song, or a piece from a musical.
  • A song from a well-known artist or band.
  • Religious song, such as a spiritual, hymn, or worship song.


Instrumentalists - Examples of appropriate audition music include:

  • Music from a well-known artist or band.
  • A standard or jazz tune.
  • An excerpt or short piece of music written specifically for your instrument.

Senn Arts music faculty will discuss with you your goals and unique gifts that you will bring to Senn Arts Music. This is your opportunity to share why you would be a great fit for the Senn Arts Music program.

Here are some prompts that you can prepare to answer:

  1. What prior music training have you received and in what styles of music?


  1. Tell us about any music performances you have participated in. 

  1. Tell us why you want to enroll in a music program and tell how you see yourself using music or skills you learn in music classes in the future.

Optional Skills:
We understand students may come from many musical traditions and may play multiple instruments. You may have three minutes to share any additional musical skills or interests. This may include an original composition, a piece in a contrasting genre from your prepared piece, scales or other technical skills on your primary instrument, skills on an additional instrument, vocal pieces in another language, etc.

Instrument & Accompaniment Options:

We recognize that during the remote audition many of you might not have access to the instruments or accompanists you might normally use for the audition process. We completely understand and would love to talk further about how we can support you through your audition. You may use an accompaniment track that supports the performance, sing a cappella, or perform your instrumental piece without accompaniment.



Need more help? Here is a STEP BY STEP GUIDE to applying to Senn Arts.