Senn's Guidance and Counseling Department provides a supportive environment aimed at the well-being of all students, focusing on their academic & career goals along with social and emotional needs. Counselors aid the students in making informed and realistic decisions about their post-secondary education, career, and life after high school. All services are offered to students and their parents.

Academic: Counselors see that students are aware of the high school graduation requirements through conferencing and scheduling the classes. They also provide the following: class changes, assistance with enrolling in credit recovery classes such as night school or Save Your Grade, and registering for test prep classes and/or standardized tests.

Career: Beginning with their freshmen year, students are guided in large and small groups to explore different career paths. It is the goal of the counseling department that students have focus on what type of career(s) that they would like to pursue after high school. The department hosts college admission counselors and career speakers throughout the school year so that students are exposed to a wide variety of college and career options as they build their post-secondary plans.

College: Counselors coordinate Senn's annual College Fair and arrange visits from and to numerous post-secondary institutions. Through group and one on one meetings, the counseling department provides students and parents with information regarding college requirements and the financial aid and scholarship process. Counselors also provide students and parents with assistance in completing college, scholarship, and FAFSA applications.

Social/Emotional: The counselors also provide prevention and intervention services. They also refer students and their families to outside agencies if necessary.
Who is your student's counselor? We break our counseling loads up alphabetically by the last name, with the idea that our counselors follow your student through all four years. See our breakdown of which counselor supports which students below:
Mr. Urbina:  A - C  | [email protected] | ext. 42836
Ms. Farrell: D - Hi | [email protected] | ext. 42361
Ms. Castro: Ho - Mom | [email protected] | ext. 42676
Mr. Connor: Mon - Rod | [email protected] | ext. 42866
Mr. Roi: Roe - Z  | [email protected] | ext. 42862
Mr. Wolf: College & Career Specialist | [email protected] | ext. 42383
Ms. Rochelle: College & Career Specialist | [email protected]| ext. 42383