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Financial Aid & Scholarships

How to pay for college tuition is a huge concern for students and parents.  Families should begin a savings plan as early as possible. The majority of our students have a gap need between $2,000 and $7,000.  Students can begin applying to scholarship programs as early as middle school.  Along with savings, students should apply for federal, state, and college aid through the different resources.
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is one resource.  The information collected by the FAFSA application determines what grants, loans and work study a student may be eligible for in order to attend college.  Students who have citizenship can complete the FAFSA.
For the FAFSA application, students input their own and their parent/guardians demographic information along with the family's financial information.  Once the form is completed, the student will automatically receive their Expected Family Contribution (EFC).  The EFC is how much much the government expects the family to have saved for the student's college education.  The lower the EFC, the more aid the student will need.
Other sites that help students and families in planning how to save money for college are:

Another resource in paying for college tuition are scholarships.  Scholarships are awarded for academics and monetary needs.  There are private scholarships; such as those by a foundation or the college itself.  Business communities also run yearly scholarship programs; such as Ronald McDonald House, Firestone Tires, or BestBuy.
Scholarship applications should always be free, there should be no cost to apply for them.  Avoid websites or mailings that request any type of fee to apply.  Below are some scholarship websites:

There are resources for students that are undocumented.  Once students decide what college they wish to attend, they should go to the school's financial aid office and work with them on how to pay tuition.  The college may have some specific scholarships f or institutional grants for which the students can apply.
Additionally, there are sites that list scholarships for undocumented students: