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College Information

What college will be the right fit?  The first steps in answering this question is discovering the must haves for your college environment.  For example, your college choice must have your chosen career major.  If you cannot study your declared major then the college is not the right fit.  Other must haves that students consider in choosing a college are class size, diversity, distance from home, athletics, and an active student government. 
In addition to the must haves, students should gather admission and general information about the different colleges such as grade point averages and ACT/SAT requirements, tuition and room/board costs, and faculty to student ratio.  
Gathering this information on prospective colleges allows students to pick the college that is the best fit for their future plans and goals.
Below are some web resources that can help students begin the college search. 
For help on the college application process, students should work with their counselor and check out the following sites:
​​​​​​​Common Appplication