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Career Information

When choosing a possible career path it is important to know the details.  Details such as job growth, salary, working conditions, and -most important- educational requirements.  Below are resources that help students discover this information and begin to focus on possible career(s).


Naviance - All Senn students have a Naviance account to complete comprehensive career and college searches.  There is an extensive database of careers; including statistics, videos, educational needs.  Also includes different interest profiles and other activities to help students decipher career related strengths and weaknesses.  In their senior year, students will utilize Naviance for their college and scholarship application process.


Career Guides by Major - Most universities have a information tying subjects and the possible career path within them.  This is a link to the University of Michigan's career guides.  Check out the different subjects available in high school to explore future paths.


Occupational Outlook Handbook - The Occupational Outlook Handbook allows you to search for career options and includes the training and education needed, earnings, expected job prospects, what workers do on the job, and working conditions. This is a governmental database and therefore provides information on national trends of career employment and job security. 

Illinois Career Information - The site outlines and highlights career details along with educational paths.  Additionally, this site highlights military careers, self employment and non-traditional employment. 


No website can substitute for actual interaction.  The counselors encourage students to talk with friends, family, or community members who work within their desired field. To partake in summer internships or volunteer in a possible field where they would like to explore careers.